Volumetric parametrization from a level set boundary representation with PHT Splines

by   Chiu Ling Chan, et al.

A challenge in isogeometric analysis is constructing analysis-suitable volumetric meshes which can accurately represent the geometry of a given physical domain. In this paper, we propose a method to derive a spline-based representation of a domain of interest from voxel-based data. We show an efficient way to obtain a boundary representation of the domain by a level-set function. Then, we use the geometric information from the boundary (the normal vectors and curvature) to construct a matching C1 representation with hierarchical cubic splines. The approximation is done by a single template and linear transformations (scaling, translations and rotations) without the need for solving an optimization problem. We illustrate our method with several examples in two and three dimensions, and show good performance on some standard benchmark test problems.


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