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ViTO: Vision Transformer-Operator

by   Oded Ovadia, et al.
Brown University
Tel Aviv University

We combine vision transformers with operator learning to solve diverse inverse problems described by partial differential equations (PDEs). Our approach, named ViTO, combines a U-Net based architecture with a vision transformer. We apply ViTO to solve inverse PDE problems of increasing complexity, namely for the wave equation, the Navier-Stokes equations and the Darcy equation. We focus on the more challenging case of super-resolution, where the input dataset for the inverse problem is at a significantly coarser resolution than the output. The results we obtain are comparable or exceed the leading operator network benchmarks in terms of accuracy. Furthermore, ViTO`s architecture has a small number of trainable parameters (less than 10 leading competitor), resulting in a performance speed-up of over 5x when averaged over the various test cases.


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