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VisualSem: a high-quality knowledge graph for vision and language

by   Houda Alberts, et al.

We argue that the next frontier in natural language understanding (NLU) and generation (NLG) will include models that can efficiently access external structured knowledge repositories. In order to support the development of such models, we release the VisualSem knowledge graph (KG) which includes nodes with multilingual glosses and multiple illustrative images and visually relevant relations. We also release a neural multi-modal retrieval model that can use images or sentences as inputs and retrieves entities in the KG. This multi-modal retrieval model can be integrated into any (neural network) model pipeline and we encourage the research community to use VisualSem for data augmentation and/or as a source of grounding, among other possible uses. VisualSem as well as the multi-modal retrieval model are publicly available and can be downloaded in:


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