Visualization of topology optimization designs with representative subset selection

12/29/2020 ∙ by Daniel J. Perry, et al. ∙ 0

An important new trend in additive manufacturing is the use of optimization to automatically design industrial objects, such as beams, rudders or wings. Topology optimization, as it is often called, computes the best configuration of material over a 3D space, typically represented as a grid, in order to satisfy or optimize physical parameters. Designers using these automated systems often seek to understand the interaction of physical constraints with the final design and its implications for other physical characteristics. Such understanding is challenging because the space of designs is large and small changes in parameters can result in radically different designs. We propose to address these challenges using a visualization approach for exploring the space of design solutions. The core of our novel approach is to summarize the space (ensemble of solutions) by automatically selecting a set of examples and to represent the complete set of solutions as combinations of these examples. The representative examples create a meaningful parameterization of the design space that can be explored using standard visualization techniques for high-dimensional spaces. We present evaluations of our subset selection technique and that the overall approach addresses the needs of expert designers.



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