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Visual7W: Grounded Question Answering in Images

by   Yuke Zhu, et al.

We have seen great progress in basic perceptual tasks such as object recognition and detection. However, AI models still fail to match humans in high-level vision tasks due to the lack of capacities for deeper reasoning. Recently the new task of visual question answering (QA) has been proposed to evaluate a model's capacity for deep image understanding. Previous works have established a loose, global association between QA sentences and images. However, many questions and answers, in practice, relate to local regions in the images. We establish a semantic link between textual descriptions and image regions by object-level grounding. It enables a new type of QA with visual answers, in addition to textual answers used in previous work. We study the visual QA tasks in a grounded setting with a large collection of 7W multiple-choice QA pairs. Furthermore, we evaluate human performance and several baseline models on the QA tasks. Finally, we propose a novel LSTM model with spatial attention to tackle the 7W QA tasks.


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