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Visual Simplified Characters' Emotion Emulator Implementing OCC Model

In this paper, we present a visual emulator of the emotions seen in characters in stories. This system is based on a simplified view of the cognitive structure of emotions proposed by Ortony, Clore and Collins (OCC Model). The goal of this paper is to provide a visual platform that allows us to observe changes in the characters' different emotions, and the intricate interrelationships between: 1) each character's emotions, 2) their affective relationships and actions, 3) The events that take place in the development of a plot, and 4) the objects of desire that make up the emotional map of any story. This tool was tested on stories with a contrasting variety of emotional and affective environments: Othello, Twilight, and Harry Potter, behaving sensibly and in keeping with the atmosphere in which the characters were immersed.


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