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Visual Object Tracking on Multi-modal RGB-D Videos: A Review

by   Xue-feng Zhu, et al.
Jiangnan University
NetEase, Inc

The development of visual object tracking has continued for decades. Recent years, as the wide accessibility of the low-cost RGBD sensors, the task of visual object tracking on RGB-D videos has drawn much attention. Compared to conventional RGB-only tracking, the RGB-D videos can provide more information that facilitates objecting tracking in some complicated scenarios. The goal of this review is to summarize the relative knowledge of the research filed of RGB-D tracking. To be specific, we will generalize the related RGB-D tracking benchmarking datasets as well as the corresponding performance measurements. Besides, the existing RGB-D tracking methods are summarized in the paper. Moreover, we discuss the possible future direction in the field of RGB-D tracking.


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