Visual Object Tracking by Segmentation with Graph Convolutional Network

by   Bo Jiang, et al.

Segmentation-based tracking has been actively studied in computer vision and multimedia. Superpixel based object segmentation and tracking methods are usually developed for this task. However, they independently perform feature representation and learning of superpixels which may lead to sub-optimal results. In this paper, we propose to utilize graph convolutional network (GCN) model for superpixel based object tracking. The proposed model provides a general end-to-end framework which integrates i) label linear prediction, and ii) structure-aware feature information of each superpixel together to obtain object segmentation and further improves the performance of tracking. The main benefits of the proposed GCN method have two main aspects. First, it provides an effective end-to-end way to exploit both spatial and temporal consistency constraint for target object segmentation. Second, it utilizes a mixed graph convolution module to learn a context-aware and discriminative feature for superpixel representation and labeling. An effective algorithm has been developed to optimize the proposed model. Extensive experiments on five datasets demonstrate that our method obtains better performance against existing alternative methods.



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