Visual Kinship Recognition: A Decade in the Making

by   Joseph P. Robinson, et al.

Kinship recognition is a challenging problem with many practical applications. With much progress and milestones having been reached after ten years since pioneered - it is now that today we are able to survey their research and create new milestones. We list and review the public resources and data challenges that enabled and inspired many to hone-in on one or more views of automatic kinship recognition in the visual domain. The different tasks are described in technical terms and syntax consistent across the problem domain and the practical value of each discussed and measured. State-of-the-art methods for visual kinship recognition problems, whether to discriminate between or generate from, are examined. As part of such, we review systems proposed as part of a recent data challenge held in conjunction with the 2020 IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition. We establish a stronghold for the state of progress for the different problems in a consistent manner. We intend for this survey will serve as the central resource for work of the next decade to build upon. For the tenth anniversary, demo code is provided for the various kin-based tasks. Detecting relatives with visual recognition and classifying the relationship is an area with high potential for impact in research and practice.



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