Visual-Aware Text-to-Speech

by   Mohan Zhou, et al.

Dynamically synthesizing talking speech that actively responds to a listening head is critical during the face-to-face interaction. For example, the speaker could take advantage of the listener's facial expression to adjust the tones, stressed syllables, or pauses. In this work, we present a new visual-aware text-to-speech (VA-TTS) task to synthesize speech conditioned on both textual inputs and sequential visual feedback (e.g., nod, smile) of the listener in face-to-face communication. Different from traditional text-to-speech, VA-TTS highlights the impact of visual modality. On this newly-minted task, we devise a baseline model to fuse phoneme linguistic information and listener visual signals for speech synthesis. Extensive experiments on multimodal conversation dataset ViCo-X verify our proposal for generating more natural audio with scenario-appropriate rhythm and prosody.


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