Vision Transformers for Dense Prediction

by   René Ranftl, et al.

We introduce dense vision transformers, an architecture that leverages vision transformers in place of convolutional networks as a backbone for dense prediction tasks. We assemble tokens from various stages of the vision transformer into image-like representations at various resolutions and progressively combine them into full-resolution predictions using a convolutional decoder. The transformer backbone processes representations at a constant and relatively high resolution and has a global receptive field at every stage. These properties allow the dense vision transformer to provide finer-grained and more globally coherent predictions when compared to fully-convolutional networks. Our experiments show that this architecture yields substantial improvements on dense prediction tasks, especially when a large amount of training data is available. For monocular depth estimation, we observe an improvement of up to 28 state-of-the-art fully-convolutional network. When applied to semantic segmentation, dense vision transformers set a new state of the art on ADE20K with 49.02 smaller datasets such as NYUv2, KITTI, and Pascal Context where it also sets the new state of the art. Our models are available at



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Code Repositories


Code for robust monocular depth estimation described in "Ranftl et. al., Towards Robust Monocular Depth Estimation: Mixing Datasets for Zero-shot Cross-dataset Transfer, TPAMI 2020"

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Dense Prediction Transformers

view repo


Dense Prediction Transformers

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Adversarial attacks on state of the art monocular depth estimation networks

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