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Vision Meets Definitions: Unsupervised Visual Word Sense Disambiguation Incorporating Gloss Information

by   Sunjae Kwon, et al.
UMass Lowell
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Visual Word Sense Disambiguation (VWSD) is a task to find the image that most accurately depicts the correct sense of the target word for the given context. Previously, image-text matching models often suffered from recognizing polysemous words. This paper introduces an unsupervised VWSD approach that uses gloss information of an external lexical knowledge-base, especially the sense definitions. Specifically, we suggest employing Bayesian inference to incorporate the sense definitions when sense information of the answer is not provided. In addition, to ameliorate the out-of-dictionary (OOD) issue, we propose a context-aware definition generation with GPT-3. Experimental results show that the VWSD performance significantly increased with our Bayesian inference-based approach. In addition, our context-aware definition generation achieved prominent performance improvement in OOD examples exhibiting better performance than the existing definition generation method. We will publish source codes as soon as possible.


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