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Vision-Infused Deep Audio Inpainting

by   Hang Zhou, et al.

Multi-modality perception is essential to develop interactive intelligence. In this work, we consider a new task of visual information-infused audio inpainting, synthesizing missing audio segments that correspond to their accompanying videos. We identify two key aspects for a successful inpainter: (1) It is desirable to operate on spectrograms instead of raw audios. Recent advances in deep semantic image inpainting could be leveraged to go beyond the limitations of traditional audio inpainting. (2) To synthesize visually indicated audio, a visual-audio joint feature space needs to be learned with synchronization of audio and video. To facilitate a large-scale study, we collect a new multi-modality instrument-playing dataset called MUSIC-Extra-Solo (MUSICES) by enriching MUSIC dataset. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our framework is capable of inpainting realistic and varying audio segments with or without visual contexts. More importantly, our synthesized audio segments are coherent with their video counterparts, showing the effectiveness of our proposed Vision-Infused Audio Inpainter (VIAI). Code, models, dataset and video results are available at


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Code Repositories


Code for Vision-Infused Deep Audio Inpainting (ICCV 2019)

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Audio Visual fusion neural network for musical audio source separation, adapted from AVSE (Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement Using Multimodal Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Hou Et Al. 2017)

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