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Virtual Reality in University Teaching: Experiences from a Computer Science Seminar

by   Enes Yigitbas, et al.

Due to the corona pandemic, numerous courses were held using digital solutions in order to be able to continue teaching. Conventional collaboration tools (Zoom, Big Blue Button, etc.) were used in particular to digitally map a synchronous session for teaching and learning purposes. While these conventional collaboration tools offer a solid basis for communication between learners and teachers, aspects such as presence or a realistic type of interaction are neglected. In this work, we report on the experiences from a computer science seminar where virtual reality (VR) technology was used as an alternative solution for teaching and group work. The benefits of VR compared to conventional collaboration tools were examined using questionnaires and interviews with the participants. On the one hand, the results show the high potential of VR to increase the clarity and experienceability of learning content and to promote cooperation through social presence. On the other hand, the use of VR brings with it some technical and organizational difficulties that should be taken into account in the didactic implementation.


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