Virtual Manipulation in an Immersive Virtual Environment: Simulation of Virtual Assembly

01/30/2019 ∙ by Mojtaba Noghabaei, et al. ∙ 0

To fill the lack of research efforts in virtual assembly of modules and training, this paper presents a virtual manipulation of building objects in an Immersive Virtual Environment (IVE). A worker wearing a Virtual Reality (VR) head-mounted device (HMD) virtually perform an assembly of multiple modules while identifying any issues. Hand motions of the worker are tracked by a motion sensor mounted on the HMD. The worker can be graded based on his/her overall performance and speed during this VR simulation. The developed VR simulation can ultimately enable workers to identify unforeseen issues (e.g., not enough clearance for an object to be installed). The presented method can solve current deficiencies in discrepancy detection in 3D scanned models of elements. The developed VR platform can also be used for interactive training and simulation sessions that can potentially improve efficiency and help achieve better work performance for assemblies of complex systems.



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