Virtual element method for the system of time dependent nonlinear convection-diffusion-reaction equation

by   M. Arrutselvi, et al.

In this work, we have discretized a system of time-dependent nonlinear convection-diffusion-reaction equations with the virtual element method over the spatial domain and the Euler method for the temporal interval. For the nonlinear fully-discrete scheme, we prove the existence and uniqueness of the solution with Brouwer's fixed point theorem. To overcome the complexity of solving a nonlinear discrete system, we define an equivalent linear system of equations. A priori error estimate showing optimal order of convergence with respect to H^1 semi-norm was derived. Further, to solve the discrete system of equations, we propose an iteration method and a two-grid method. In the numerical section, the experimental results validate our theoretical estimates and point out the better performance of the two-grid method over the iteration method.



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