Virtual Element Formulation For Finite Strain Elastodynamics

by   M. Cihan, et al.

This work provides an efficient virtual element scheme for the modeling of nonlinear elastodynamics undergoing large deformations. The virtual element method (VEM) has been applied to various engineering problems such as elasto-plasticity, multiphysics, damage and fracture mechanics. This work focuses on the extension of VEM towards dynamic applications. Within this framework, we employ low-order ansatz functions in one, two and three dimensions that having arbitrary convex or concave polygonal elements. The formulations considered in this contribution are based on minimization of potential function for both the static and the dynamic behavior. While the stiffness-matrix needs a suitable stabilization, the mass-matrix can be calculated using only the projection part. For the implicit time integration scheme, Newmark-Method is used. To show the performance of the method, various numerical examples in 1D, 2D and 3D are presented.



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