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Video Time: Properties, Encoders and Evaluation

by   Amir Ghodrati, et al.

Time-aware encoding of frame sequences in a video is a fundamental problem in video understanding. While many attempted to model time in videos, an explicit study on quantifying video time is missing. To fill this lacuna, we aim to evaluate video time explicitly. We describe three properties of video time, namely a) temporal asymmetry, b)temporal continuity and c) temporal causality. Based on each we formulate a task able to quantify the associated property. This allows assessing the effectiveness of modern video encoders, like C3D and LSTM, in their ability to model time. Our analysis provides insights about existing encoders while also leading us to propose a new video time encoder, which is better suited for the video time recognition tasks than C3D and LSTM. We believe the proposed meta-analysis can provide a reasonable baseline to assess video time encoders on equal grounds on a set of temporal-aware tasks.


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