Video Salient Object Detection via Adaptive Local-Global Refinement

04/29/2021 ∙ by Yi Tang, et al. ∙ 0

Video salient object detection (VSOD) is an important task in many vision applications. Reliable VSOD requires to simultaneously exploit the information from both the spatial domain and the temporal domain. Most of the existing algorithms merely utilize simple fusion strategies, such as addition and concatenation, to merge the information from different domains. Despite their simplicity, such fusion strategies may introduce feature redundancy, and also fail to fully exploit the relationship between multi-level features extracted from both spatial and temporal domains. In this paper, we suggest an adaptive local-global refinement framework for VSOD. Different from previous approaches, we propose a local refinement architecture and a global one to refine the simply fused features with different scopes, which can fully explore the local dependence and the global dependence of multi-level features. In addition, to emphasize the effective information and suppress the useless one, an adaptive weighting mechanism is designed based on graph convolutional neural network (GCN). We show that our weighting methodology can further exploit the feature correlations, thus driving the network to learn more discriminative feature representation. Extensive experimental results on public video datasets demonstrate the superiority of our method over the existing ones.



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