Video Face Recognition System: RetinaFace-mnet-faster and Secondary Search

by   Qian Li, et al.

Face recognition is widely used in the scene. However, different visual environments require different methods, and face recognition has a difficulty in complex environments. Therefore, this paper mainly experiments complex faces in the video. First, we design an image pre-processing module for fuzzy scene or under-exposed faces to enhance images. Our experimental results demonstrate that effective images pre-processing improves the accuracy of 0.11 1.4 RetinacFace-mnet-faster for detection and a confidence threshold specification for face recognition, reducing the lost rate. Our experimental results show that our RetinaFace-mnet-faster for 640*480 resolution on the Tesla P40 and single-thread improve speed of 16.7 design secondary search mechanism with HNSW to improve performance. Ours is suitable for large-scale datasets, and experimental results show that our method is 82



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