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Verteilung der Primzahlen und Asymptotik bezüglich der Kongruenzen der rationalen Punkte auf elliptischen Kurven über einem endlichen Körper

by   Thi Altenschmidt, et al.

This work has two main purposes. On the one side we investigate in this work a question of H. Esnault on congruence formula in a construction of H. Esnault and C. Xu for the number of rational points on the closed fiber of a singular model of the projective plane over a local field. From the viewpoint of asymptotic analysis, the question is quite familiar with a question of N. Koblitz, which in turn has some meaningful applications in cryptography. We don't try to solve those questions in this work, but rather concentrate on studying asymptotic behaviours with very elementary techniques of generating functions. On the other side we extend the discussion on generating functions to the global situation, which inherit hybrid-properties from the Riemann zeta function and the L-function of elliptic curves. At the end we will look at an example of modular forms, where we are able to prove an analytic result, which is similar to a result of Pólya for the Riemann ξ-function.


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