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Verification of Data-Aware Processes via Array-Based Systems (Extended Version)

by   Diego Calvanese, et al.
Università degli Studi di Milano

We study verification over a general model of data-aware processes, to assess (parameterized) safety properties irrespectively of the initial database instance. We rely on an encoding into array-based systems, which allows us to check safety by adapting backward reachability, establishing for the first time a correspondence with model checking based on Satisfiability-Modulo-Theories (SMT). To do so, we make use of the model-theoretic machinery of model completion, which surprisingly turns out to be an effective tool for verification of relational systems, and represents the main original contribution of this paper. Our encoding pursues a twofold purpose. On the one hand, it allows us to reconstruct and generalize the essence of some of the most important decidability results obtained in the literature for artifact-centric systems, and to devise a genuinely novel class of decidable cases. On the other, it makes it possible to exploit SMT technology in implementations, building on the well-known MCMT model checker for array-based systems, and extending it to make all our foundational results fully operational.


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