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Verifiable Quantum Secure Modulo Summation

by   Masahito Hayashi, et al.

We propose a new cryptographic task, which we call verifiable quantum secure modulo summation. Secure modulo summation is a calculation of modulo summation Y_1+...+ Y_m when m players have their individual variables Y_1,..., Y_m with keeping the secrecy of the individual variables. However, the conventional method for secure modulo summation uses so many secret communication channels. We say that a quantum protocol for secure modulo summation is quantum verifiable secure modulo summation when it can verify the desired secrecy condition. If we combine device independent quantum key distribution, it is possible to verify such secret communication channels. However, it consumes so many steps. To resolve this problem, using quantum systems, we propose a more direct method to realize secure modulo summation with verification. To realize this protocol, we propose modulo zero-sum randomness as another new concept, and show that secure modulo summation can be realized by using modulo zero-sum randomness. Then, we construct a verifiable quantum protocol method to generate modulo zero-sum randomness. This protocol can be verified only with minimum requirements.


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