Velos: One-sided Paxos for RDMA applications

06/16/2021 ∙ by Rachid Guerraoui, et al. ∙ 0

Modern data centers are becoming increasingly equipped with RDMA-capable NICs. These devices enable distributed systems to rely on algorithms designed for shared memory. RDMA allows consensus to terminate within a few microsecond in failure-free scenarios, yet, RDMA-optimized algorithms still use expensive two-sided operations in case of failure. In this work, we present a new leader-based consensus algorithm that relies solely on one-sided RDMA verbs. Our algorithm is based on Paxos, it decides in a single one-sided RDMA operation in the common case, and changes leader also in a single one-sided RDMA operation in case of failure. We implement our algorithm in the form of an SMR system named Velos, and we evaluated our system against the state-of-the-art competitor Mu. Compared to Mu, our solution adds a small overhead of approximately 0.6 microseconds in failure-free executions and shines during failover periods during which it is 13 times faster in changing leader.



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