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Vehicle Detection and Tracking From Surveillance Cameras in Urban Scenes

by   Oumayma Messoussi, et al.

Detecting and tracking vehicles in urban scenes is a crucial step in many traffic-related applications as it helps to improve road user safety among other benefits. Various challenges remain unresolved in multi-object tracking (MOT) including target information description, long-term occlusions and fast motion. We propose a multi-vehicle detection and tracking system following the tracking-by-detection paradigm that tackles the previously mentioned challenges. Our MOT method extends an Intersection-over-Union (IOU)-based tracker with vehicle re-identification features. This allows us to utilize appearance information to better match objects after long occlusion phases and/or when object location is significantly shifted due to fast motion. We outperform our baseline MOT method on the UA-DETRAC benchmark while maintaining a total processing speed suitable for online use cases.


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