VCoach: A Customizable Visualization and Analysis System for Video-based Running Coaching

by   Jingyuan Liu, et al.

Videos are accessible media for analyzing sports postures and providing feedback to athletes. Existing video-based coaching systems often present feedback on the correctness of poses by augmenting videos with visual markers either manually by a coach or automatically by computing key parameters from poses. However, previewing and augmenting videos limit the analysis and visualization of human poses due to the fixed viewpoints, which confine the observation of captured human movements and cause ambiguity in the augmented feedback. Besides, existing sport-specific systems with embedded bespoke pose attributes can hardly generalize to new attributes; directly overlaying two poses might not clearly visualize the key differences that viewers would like to pursue. To address these issues, we analyze and visualize human pose data with customizable viewpoints and attributes in the context of common biomechanics of running poses, such as joint angles and step distances. Based on existing literature and a formative study, we have designed and implemented a system, VCoach, to provide feedback on running poses for amateurs. VCoach provides automatic low-level comparisons of the running poses between a novice and an expert, and visualizes the pose differences as part-based 3D animations on a human model. Meanwhile, it retains the users' controllability and customizability in high-level functionalities, such as navigating the viewpoint for previewing feedback and defining their own pose attributes through our interface. We conduct a user study to verify our design components and conduct expert interviews to evaluate the usefulness of the system.


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