V-CARE: A Blockchain Based Framework for Secure Vehicle Health Record System

by   Pranav Kumar Singh, et al.

One of the biggest challenges associated with connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) is to maintain and make use of vehicles health records (VHR). VHR can facilitate different entities to offer various services in a proactive, transparent, secure, reliable and in an efficient manner. The state-of-the-art solutions for maintaining the VHR are centralized in nature, mainly owned by manufacturer and authorized in-vehicle device developers. Owners, drivers, and other key service providers have limited accessibility and control to the VHR. We need to change the strategy from single or limited party access to multi-party access to VHR in an secured manner so that all stakeholders of intelligent transportation system (ITS) can be benefited from this. Any unauthorized attempt to alter the data should also be prevented. Blockchain is one such potential candidate, which can facilitate the sharing of such data among different participating organizations and individuals. For example, owners, manufacturers, trusted third parties, road authorities, insurance companies, charging stations, and car selling ventures can access VHR stored on the blockchain in a permissioned, secured, and with a higher level of confidence. In this paper, a blockchain-based decentralized secure system for V-CARE is proposed to manage records in an interoperable framework that leads to improved ITS services in terms of safety, availability, reliability, efficiency, and maintenance. Insurance based on pay-how-you-drive (PHYD), and sale and purchase of used vehicles can also be made more transparent and reliable without compromising the confidentiality and security of sensitive data.



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