Utilization of Virtual Reality Visualizations on Heavy Mobile Crane Planning for Modular Construction

01/12/2019 ∙ by Navid Kayhani, et al. ∙ 0

Many kinds of industrial projects involve the use of prefabricated modules built offsite, and installation on-site using mobile cranes. Due to their costly operation and safety concerns, utilization of such heavy lift mobile cranes requires a precise heavy lift planning. Traditional heavy lift path planning methods on congested industrial job sites are ineffective, time-consuming and non-precise in many cases, whereas computer-based simulation models and visualization can be a substantial improving tool. This paper provides a Virtual Reality (VR) environment in which the user can experience lifting process in an immerse virtual environment. Providing such a VR model not only facilitates planning for critical lifts (e.g. modules, heavy vessels), but also it provides a training environment to enhance safe climate prior to the actual lift. The developed VR model is implemented successfully on an actual construction site of a petrochemical plant on a modular basis in which heavy lift mobile cranes are employed.



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