Using the Value of Information to Explore Stochastic, Discrete Multi-Armed Bandits

10/08/2017 ∙ by Isaac J. Sledge, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, we propose an information-theoretic exploration strategy for stochastic, discrete multi-armed bandits that achieves optimal regret. Our strategy is based on the value of information criterion. This criterion measures the trade-off between policy information and obtainable rewards. High amounts of policy information are associated with exploration-dominant searches of the space and yield high rewards. Low amounts of policy information favor the exploitation of existing knowledge. Information, in this criterion, is quantified by a parameter that can be varied during search. We demonstrate that a simulated-annealing-like update of this parameter, with a sufficiently fast cooling schedule, leads to an optimal regret that is logarithmic with respect to the number of episodes.



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