Using Social Network Service to determine the Initial User Requirements for Small Software Businesses

04/26/2019 ∙ by Nazakat Ali, et al. ∙ 0

Background/Objectives: Software engineering community has been studied extensively on large-sized software organizations and has provided suitable and interesting solutions. However, small software companies that make a large part of the software industry have been overlooked. Methods/Statistical analysis: The current requirement engineering practices are not suitable for small software companies. We propose a social network-based requirement engineering approach that will complement the traditional requirement engineering approaches and will make it suitable for small software companies. Findings: We have applied our SNS-based requirements determination approach to knowing about its validity. As a result, we concluded that 33.06 participated in our approach and figured out 156 distinct user requirements. It has been seen that it was not necessary for users to have requirements engineering knowledge to participate in our proposed SNS-based approach that made maximum users to be involved during requirements elicitation process. By investigating the ideas and opinions communicated by users, we were able to figure out a high number of user requirements. It was observed that maximum user-requirements were determined within a short period of time (7days). Our experience with SNS-based approach also says that end-users hardly know about non-functional requirements and express it explicitly. Improvements/Applications: we believe that researchers will consider SNS other than Facebook that would allow applying our SNS-based approach for requirements identification. We have experienced our approach with Facebook but we do not know how our approach would actually work with other SNSs.



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