Using Skill Rating as Fitness on the Evolution of GANs

by   Victor Costa, et al.

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are an adversarial model that achieved impressive results on generative tasks. In spite of the relevant results, GANs present some challenges regarding stability, making the training usually a hit-and-miss process. To overcome these challenges, several improvements were proposed to better handle the internal characteristics of the model, such as alternative loss functions or architectural changes on the neural networks used by the generator and the discriminator. Recent works proposed the use of evolutionary algorithms on GAN training, aiming to solve these challenges and to provide an automatic way to find good models. In this context, COEGAN proposes the use of coevolution and neuroevolution to orchestrate the training of GANs. However, previous experiments detected that some of the fitness functions used to guide the evolution are not ideal. In this work we propose the evaluation of a game-based fitness function to be used within the COEGAN method. Skill rating is a metric to quantify the skill of players in a game and has already been used to evaluate GANs. We extend this idea using the skill rating in an evolutionary algorithm to train GANs. The results show that skill rating can be used as fitness to guide the evolution in COEGAN without the dependence of an external evaluator.


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