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Using Large Context for Kidney Multi-Structure Segmentation from CTA Images

by   Weiwei Cao, et al.

Accurate and automated segmentation of multi-structure (i.e., kidneys, renal tu-mors, arteries, and veins) from 3D CTA is one of the most important tasks for surgery-based renal cancer treatment (e.g., laparoscopic partial nephrectomy). This paper briefly presents the main technique details of the multi-structure seg-mentation method in MICCAI 2022 KIPA challenge. The main contribution of this paper is that we design the 3D UNet with the large context information cap-turing capability. Our method ranked eighth on the MICCAI 2022 KIPA chal-lenge open testing dataset with a mean position of 8.2. Our code and trained models are publicly available at


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