Using CoCalc as a Training Tool for Mathematics Teachers Pre-Service Training

by   Maiia Popel, et al.

This paper deals with the problem of theoretical justification and development of scientific and methodological support for using the cloud service CoCalc as a tool for the formation of mathematics teachers professional competencies. The paper describes the professional training of mathematics teachers in universities of Ukraine, and considers the national and foreign experience of using the cloud-based services in mathematics teachers pre-service training and also the tendencies and prospects of using CoCalc in teaching mathematical disciplines. The process of system design of mathematics teachers professional competencies is characterized, and the model of using the cloud service CoCalc as a tool for forming mathematics teachers professional competencies is developed. The indicators and levels (high, sufficient, medium, low) were identified for each component of the pre-service mathematics teachers professional competence system within the proposed model. The method of using CoCalc as a tool for forming professional competencies of mathematics teachers is developed and its basic components such as purpose, content, tools, methods and results are elaborated. Information regarding the stages of research and also the experimental work objectives and content are presented; the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the main stages (ascertaining, formative) of the pedagogical experiment is performed, confirming the hypothesis of the study.



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