User Requirements and Analysis of Preeclampsia Detection done through a Smart Bracelet

by   Iuliana Marin, et al.

Medical students along with the medical staff have to monitor the state of the patients by using modern devices which have to offer precise results in a short amount of time, so that the intervention to be done as soon as possible. E-learning systems for blood pressure monitoring are used and new methods of patient observation, evaluation and treatment are applied compared to classical intervention. Based on this, medical students can improve their knowledge for the practical training. In the medical activities specialized devices occupy an important place. A device that can monitor the blood pressure is a smart bracelet that incorporates a pressure sensor along the wrist for continuous recording of blood pressure values. This enables the prediction of the emergency disorders using a decision support system. It facilitates the learning of new intervention approaches and boosts the responsiveness among learners. According to the World Health Organization, hypertensive disorders affect about 10 pregnant women worldwide and are an important cause of disability and long-term death among mothers and children. This paper is based on a survey completed by persons of different ages and having various specialization domains regarding the use of smart bracelets for detecting preeclampsia. The aim is to decide upon its popularity among people and to determine the user requirements. The pregnant women will be constantly monitored, doctors can update the diagnosis of the patient. The medical students can learn from the critical situations and benefit from these cases while learning. The results of the survey showed that most of the interviewed persons consider the existence of such a device to be very useful, mostly the female individuals would feel more comfortable to have their blood pressure monitored during pregnancy.


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