User Environment Detection with Acoustic Sensors Embedded on Mobile Devices for the Recognition of Activities of Daily Living

10/31/2017 ∙ by Ivan Miguel Pires, et al. ∙ 0

The detection of the environment where user is located, is of extreme use for the identification of Activities of Daily Living (ADL). ADL can be identified by use of the sensors available in many off-the-shelf mobile devices, including magnetic and motion, and the environment can be also identified using acoustic sensors. The study presented in this paper is divided in two parts: firstly, we discuss the recognition of the environment using acoustic sensors (i.e., microphone), and secondly, we fuse this information with motion and magnetic sensors (i.e., motion and magnetic sensors) for the recognition of standing activities of daily living. The recognition of the environments and the ADL are performed using pattern recognition techniques, in order to develop a system that includes data acquisition, data processing, data fusion, and artificial intelligence methods. The artificial intelligence methods explored in this study are composed by different types of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), comparing the different types of ANN and selecting the best methods to implement in the different stages of the system developed. Conclusions point to the use of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) with normalized data for the identification of ADL with 85.89 networks with non-normalized data for the identification of the environments with 86.50 identification of standing activities with 100



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