Usability Dimensions and Behavioral Intention to Use Markdown to Moodle in Test Construction

by   Julius G. Garcia, et al.

Creating test with numerous items in Moodle can be tedious and less intuitive compared to conventional method. This study aims to determine the Markdown to Moodle performance in easing the test construction process and explain the underlying factors of the behavioral intention to use the application. Markdown to Moodle is an application that allows users to type the bulk of test items directly to the browser and generates .doc, .md and .xml files stored in the local drive. The .xml can be imported to Moodle test bank. This lessens the time of creating test items one at a time in the Moodle. A training and a survey were conducted among teachers with Moodle usage experience. Results from this study allowed the researchers to determine the usability of the application and the users behavioral intention. This highlights the workflow continuity in test construction as a key factor in the usage and performance of the application.



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