Urban Outdoor Measurement Study of Phased Antenna Array Impact on Millimeter-Wave Link Opportunities and Beam Misalignment

by   Lars Kuger, et al.

Exploiting multi-antenna technologies for robust beamsteering to overcome the effects of blockage and beam misalignment is the key to providing seamless multi-Gbps connectivity in 5G-and-beyond mm-wave networks. In this paper, we present the first large-scale outdoor mm-wave measurement study using a phased antenna array in a typical European town. We systematically collect fine-grained 3D angle-of-arrival and angle-of-departure data, totaling over 50,000 received signal strength measurements. We study the impact of phased antenna arrays in terms of number of link opportunities, achievable data rate and robustness under small-scale mobility, and compare this against reference horn antenna measurements. Our results show a limited number of 2-4 link opportunities per receiver location, indicating that the mm-wave multipath richness in a European town is surprisingly similar to that of dense urban metropolises. The results for the phased antenna array reveal that significant losses in estimated data rate occur for beam misalignments in the order of the half-power beamwidth, with significant and irregular variations for larger misalignments. By contrast, the loss for the horn antenna is monotonically increasing with the misalignment. Our results strongly suggest that the effect of non-ideal phased antenna arrays must be explicitly considered in the design of agile beamsteering algorithms.



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