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Untrue.News: A New Search Engine For Fake Stories

by   Vinicius Woloszyn, et al.

In this paper, we demonstrate Untrue News, a new search engine for fake stories. Untrue News is easy to use and offers useful features such as: a) a multi-language option combining fake stories from different countries and languages around the same subject or person; b) an user privacy protector, avoiding the filter bubble by employing a bias-free ranking scheme; and c) a collaborative platform that fosters the development of new tools for fighting disinformation. Untrue News relies on Elasticsearch, a new scalable analytic search engine based on the Lucene library that provides near real-time results. We demonstrate two key scenarios: the first related to a politician - looking how the categories are shown for different types of fake stories - and a second related to a refugee - showing the multilingual tool. A prototype of Untrue News is accessible via


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