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Unsupervised Multimodal Image Registration with Adaptative Gradient Guidance

by   Zhe Xu, et al.

Multimodal image registration (MIR) is a fundamental procedure in many image-guided therapies. Recently, unsupervised learning-based methods have demonstrated promising performance over accuracy and efficiency in deformable image registration. However, the estimated deformation fields of the existing methods fully rely on the to-be-registered image pair. It is difficult for the networks to be aware of the mismatched boundaries, resulting in unsatisfactory organ boundary alignment. In this paper, we propose a novel multimodal registration framework, which leverages the deformation fields estimated from both: (i) the original to-be-registered image pair, (ii) their corresponding gradient intensity maps, and adaptively fuses them with the proposed gated fusion module. With the help of auxiliary gradient-space guidance, the network can concentrate more on the spatial relationship of the organ boundary. Experimental results on two clinically acquired CT-MRI datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed approach.


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