Unsupervised Image Deraining: Optimization Model Driven Deep CNN

by   Changfeng Yu, et al.

The deep convolutional neural network has achieved significant progress for single image rain streak removal. However, most of the data-driven learning methods are full-supervised or semi-supervised, unexpectedly suffering from significant performance drops when dealing with real rain. These data-driven learning methods are representative yet generalize poor for real rain. The opposite holds true for the model-driven unsupervised optimization methods. To overcome these problems, we propose a unified unsupervised learning framework which inherits the generalization and representation merits for real rain removal. Specifically, we first discover a simple yet important domain knowledge that directional rain streak is anisotropic while the natural clean image is isotropic, and formulate the structural discrepancy into the energy function of the optimization model. Consequently, we design an optimization model-driven deep CNN in which the unsupervised loss function of the optimization model is enforced on the proposed network for better generalization. In addition, the architecture of the network mimics the main role of the optimization models with better feature representation. On one hand, we take advantage of the deep network to improve the representation. On the other hand, we utilize the unsupervised loss of the optimization model for better generalization. Overall, the unsupervised learning framework achieves good generalization and representation: unsupervised training (loss) with only a few real rainy images (input) and physical meaning network (architecture). Extensive experiments on synthetic and real-world rain datasets show the superiority of the proposed method.


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