Unsupervised Feature Selection to Identify Important ICD-10 Codes for Machine Learning: A Case Study on a Coronary Artery Disease Patient Cohort

by   Peyman Ghasemi, et al.

The use of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes in healthcare presents a challenge in selecting relevant codes as features for machine learning models due to this system's large number of codes. In this study, we compared several unsupervised feature selection methods for an ICD code database of 49,075 coronary artery disease patients in Alberta, Canada. Specifically, we employed Laplacian Score, Unsupervised Feature Selection for Multi-Cluster Data, Autoencoder Inspired Unsupervised Feature Selection, Principal Feature Analysis, and Concrete Autoencoders with and without ICD tree weight adjustment to select the 100 best features from over 9,000 codes. We assessed the selected features based on their ability to reconstruct the initial feature space and predict 90-day mortality following discharge. Our findings revealed that the Concrete Autoencoder methods outperformed all other methods in both tasks. Furthermore, the weight adjustment in the Concrete Autoencoder method decreased the complexity of features.


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