Unsupervised Feature Learning Toward a Real-time Vehicle Make and Model Recognition

by   Amir Nazemi, et al.

Vehicle Make and Model Recognition (MMR) systems provide a fully automatic framework to recognize and classify different vehicle models. Several approaches have been proposed to address this challenge, however they can perform in restricted conditions. Here, we formulate the vehicle make and model recognition as a fine-grained classification problem and propose a new configurable on-road vehicle make and model recognition framework. We benefit from the unsupervised feature learning methods and in more details we employ Locality constraint Linear Coding (LLC) method as a fast feature encoder for encoding the input SIFT features. The proposed method can perform in real environments of different conditions. This framework can recognize fifty models of vehicles and has an advantage to classify every other vehicle not belonging to one of the specified fifty classes as an unknown vehicle. The proposed MMR framework can be configured to become faster or more accurate based on the application domain. The proposed approach is examined on two datasets including Iranian on-road vehicle dataset and CompuCar dataset. The Iranian on-road vehicle dataset contains images of 50 models of vehicles captured in real situations by traffic cameras in different weather and lighting conditions. Experimental results show superiority of the proposed framework over the state-of-the-art methods on Iranian on-road vehicle datatset and comparable results on CompuCar dataset with 97.5


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