Unsupervised Event Abstraction using Pattern Abstraction and Local Process Models

04/11/2017 ∙ by Felix Mannhardt, et al. ∙ 0

Process mining analyzes business processes based on events stored in event logs. However, some recorded events may correspond to activities on a very low level of abstraction. When events are recorded on a too low level of granularity, process discovery methods tend to generate overgeneralizing process models. Grouping low-level events to higher level activities, i.e., event abstraction, can be used to discover better process models. Existing event abstraction methods are mainly based on common sub-sequences and clustering techniques. In this paper, we propose to first discover local process models and then use those models to lift the event log to a higher level of abstraction. Our conjecture is that process models discovered on the obtained high-level event log return process models of higher quality: their fitness and precision scores are more balanced. We show this with preliminary results on several real-life event logs.



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