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Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Fundus Image Segmentation with Category-level Regularization

by   Wei Feng, et al.
Monash University

Existing unsupervised domain adaptation methods based on adversarial learning have achieved good performance in several medical imaging tasks. However, these methods focus only on global distribution adaptation and ignore distribution constraints at the category level, which would lead to sub-optimal adaptation performance. This paper presents an unsupervised domain adaptation framework based on category-level regularization that regularizes the category distribution from three perspectives. Specifically, for inter-domain category regularization, an adaptive prototype alignment module is proposed to align feature prototypes of the same category in the source and target domains. In addition, for intra-domain category regularization, we tailored a regularization technique for the source and target domains, respectively. In the source domain, a prototype-guided discriminative loss is proposed to learn more discriminative feature representations by enforcing intra-class compactness and inter-class separability, and as a complement to traditional supervised loss. In the target domain, an augmented consistency category regularization loss is proposed to force the model to produce consistent predictions for augmented/unaugmented target images, which encourages semantically similar regions to be given the same label. Extensive experiments on two publicly fundus datasets show that the proposed approach significantly outperforms other state-of-the-art comparison algorithms.


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