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Universal Style Transfer via Feature Transforms

by   Yijun Li, et al.
University of California, Merced

Universal style transfer aims to transfer arbitrary visual styles to content images. Existing feed-forward based methods, while enjoying the inference efficiency, are mainly limited by inability of generalizing to unseen styles or compromised visual quality. In this paper, we present a simple yet effective method that tackles these limitations without training on any pre-defined styles. The key ingredient of our method is a pair of feature transforms, whitening and coloring, that are embedded to an image reconstruction network. The whitening and coloring transforms reflect a direct matching of feature covariance of the content image to a given style image, which shares similar spirits with the optimization of Gram matrix based cost in neural style transfer. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm by generating high-quality stylized images with comparisons to a number of recent methods. We also analyze our method by visualizing the whitened features and synthesizing textures via simple feature coloring.


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