Universal Policies for Software-Defined MDPs

by   Daniel Selsam, et al.

We introduce a new programming paradigm called oracle-guided decision programming in which a program specifies a Markov Decision Process (MDP) and the language provides a universal policy. We prototype a new programming language, Dodona, that manifests this paradigm using a primitive 'choose' representing nondeterministic choice. The Dodona interpreter returns either a value or a choicepoint that includes a lossless encoding of all information necessary in principle to make an optimal decision. Meta-interpreters query Dodona's (neural) oracle on these choicepoints to get policy and value estimates, which they can use to perform heuristic search on the underlying MDP. We demonstrate Dodona's potential for zero-shot heuristic guidance by meta-learning over hundreds of synthetic tasks that simulate basic operations over lists, trees, Church datastructures, polynomials, first-order terms and higher-order terms.



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