Universal consistency of the k-NN rule in metric spaces and Nagata dimension

by   Benoît Collins, et al.
Kyoto University

The k nearest neighbour learning rule (under the uniform distance tie breaking) is universally consistent in every metric space X that is sigma-finite dimensional in the sense of Nagata. This was pointed out by Cérou and Guyader (2006) as a consequence of the main result by those authors, combined with a theorem in real analysis sketched by D. Preiss (1971) (and elaborated in detail by Assouad and Quentin de Gromard (2006)). We show that it is possible to give a direct proof along the same lines as the original theorem of Charles J. Stone (1977) about the universal consistency of the k-NN classifier in the finite dimensional Euclidean space. The generalization is non-trivial because of the distance ties being more prevalent in the non-euclidean setting, and on the way we investigate the relevant geometric properties of the metrics and the limitations of the Stone argument, by constructing various examples.


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