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Uniform Generalization Bound on Time and Inverse Temperature for Gradient Descent Algorithm and its Application to Analysis of Simulated Annealing

by   Keisuke Suzuki, et al.
nec global

In this paper, we propose a novel uniform generalization bound on the time and inverse temperature for stochastic gradient Langevin dynamics (SGLD) in a non-convex setting. While previous works derive their generalization bounds by uniform stability, we use Rademacher complexity to make our generalization bound independent of the time and inverse temperature. Using Rademacher complexity, we can reduce the problem to derive a generalization bound on the whole space to that on a bounded region and therefore can remove the effect of the time and inverse temperature from our generalization bound. As an application of our generalization bound, an evaluation on the effectiveness of the simulated annealing in a non-convex setting is also described. For the sample size n and time s, we derive evaluations with orders √(n^-1log (n+1)) and |(log)^4(s)|^-1, respectively. Here, (log)^4 denotes the 4 times composition of the logarithmic function.


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