Uniform Cyclic Group Factorizations of Finite Groups

by   Kazuki Kanai, et al.
Ibaraki University

In this paper, we introduce a kind of decomposition of a finite group called a uniform group factorization, as a generalization of exact factorizations of a finite group. A group G is said to admit a uniform group factorization if there exist subgroups H_1, H_2, …, H_k such that G = H_1 H_2 ⋯ H_k and the number of ways to represent any element g ∈ G as g = h_1 h_2 ⋯ h_k (h_i ∈ H_i) does not depend on the choice of g. Moreover, a uniform group factorization consisting of cyclic subgroups is called a uniform cyclic group factorization. First, we show that any finite solvable group admits a uniform cyclic group factorization. Second, we show that whether all finite groups admit uniform cyclic group factorizations or not is equivalent to whether all finite simple groups admit uniform group factorizations or not. Lastly, we give some concrete examples of such factorizations.


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