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Unified Characterization Platform for Emerging NVM Technology: Neural Network Application Benchmarking Using off-the-shelf NVM Chips

by   Supriya Chakraborty, et al.
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

In this paper, we present a unified FPGA based electrical test-bench for characterizing different emerging NonVolatile Memory (NVM) chips. In particular, we present detailed electrical characterization and benchmarking of multiple commercially available, off-the-shelf, NVM chips viz.: MRAM, FeRAM, CBRAM, and ReRAM. We investigate important NVM parameters such as: (i) current consumption patterns, (ii) endurance, and (iii) error characterization. The proposed FPGA based testbench is then utilized for a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Neural Network (NN) image classification application. Four emerging NVM chips are benchmarked against standard SRAM and Flash technology for the AI application as active weight memory during inference mode.


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